#Dell and its innovation in our environment. What is your #LegacyofGood?

Yes, I said Dell, as the dark horse of tomorrow’s innovation and entrepreneurship.

It’s not everyday that you relate Dell to such terms that are usually synonymous with hip companies like the giants of Google and Apple, or start-ups like Soylent and Square. But the truth of the fact is, after being here in Round Rocks for exactly 1 month (#IWork4Dell), I am utterly convinced that Dell is not just your grandma’s computer, nor is merely a fast second mover – Dell is leading the next phase of innovation and entrepreneurship.

I had my own doubts at first, of course. I mean, just look at what your grandma’s using – the big and bulky computer from the 90’s. But that’s exactly the point – it is from the 90’s (and it still works!). The fortunate thing is that we are well passed the 90’s (phew), and Dell, too, has evolved with the time. Dell leap frogged the industry standard with new products that can only be described as SEXY (in all caps), like the infinity display on the XPS 13 and Dell Venue 8 – even servers, like the PowerEdge. Overall, I think the tech industry does get it – Dell didn’t just win 25 awards at CES 2015 for nothing!

Dell XPS 13 I know Im sexy | Dell - The Dark Horse of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Dell XPS 13 at CES 2015: “I know I’m #sexy, so please, no amount of photos is too many photos!”

As the PC market continues to consolidate,

Dell positions itself in the market not by sheer volume, but by providing the cream of the crop products and services that are unmatched by its competitors. So how did Dell bring forth such a refreshing paint of coat on both its brand and its products, you ask? My belief is in its focus on innovation and entrepreneurship not only in its new product developments, but also in its people and our environment as well, through unbounded innovation and passion.

With innovations like the infinity display, sustainable mushroom packaging, and predictive support in services (read: ProSupport Plus), you have to admit, “dang, Dell is innovative!”

Dell did it once in 1984, and it is doing it again. 

Photo sourced from Dell Flickr.


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