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Established in 2014, Tom Yu Consulting aims to be different. We focus on connecting you, the client, with your customers. Through our ABC philosophy – Assess, Build & Catalyze – Tom Yu Consulting works with you every step of the way from traditional consulting methods to new collaborative fashions and design thinking. Because in the end, it’s not only the end impactful result that matters, but our journey there, together.


PROBLEM: You often overlook the core cause of the issues at hand, and put a Band-Aid on the symptoms.

HOW WE CAN HELP: We take the time to work with you to develop organization-specific models, map out your company’s entire ecosystem and drill down on what’s really causing the headaches.


PROBLEM: Now we have the solution, but how do we get the talents we need to see it to fruition?

HOW WE CAN HELP: We emphasize on fostering existing internal talents to generate innovative solutions from the ground up. By identifying the gaps and create the solutions together, we can enhance internal capacity and cultivate fundaments for long-term sustainability.


PROBLEM: So how exactly are we going to make this all happen, fast and with impact?

HOW WE CAN HELP: We build organization-specific models that are most suitable for you, and map out everything systematically and visually to ensure short-term and long-term success. At Tom Yu Consulting, we not only measure immediate metrics – we put a focus on potentials and measures for future growth for you and your customers.

“His visionary style and attention to detail is refreshing and innovative. He led our firm to great advancement in our marketing design and implementation." - Mindset Leadership Group

His work ethic and commitment made him a great asset to my program at the International Rescue Committee (IRC)!

Tom has been tremendous in establishing Origin Health Center in Oakland, CA.

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Everyone’s got ideas, but how do you take the next step and make it happen? For large firms, few creates a working environment that fosters and empowers innovation. For startups, it’s even harder to juggle between your passion and all the business nitty gritty. At the end of the day, you just want it to work.

With Tom Yu Consulting, we work together with you through this entire process, from solidifying business ideas and how to go to market, to the fun part such as branding and design. Our process ensures success by working with you to set appropriate metrics to measure potentials and impact. We focus on being the catalyst for your innovation, and together, creating impact that is both innovative and visually stunning.






Aesthetics aren’t just superficial – it is what attracts and relates with people. By creating visually stunning work, Tom Yu Consulting works to ensure you are always under the right spotlight.


Looking your best isn’t enough, you need results. We give you the best of both worlds by putting something concrete in your hands that works, emotionally, financially and impressively so.


Tom Yu Consulting has worked with clients from all walks of life globally. We work with pride in our experiences working in cross-cultural environments and from start-ups to enterprises.


Our goal is to catalyze innovation, and doing it happily with joy. By cultivating an empowering working environment we can innovate and create sustainable impact together, as a team.

 our mission


Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible; Dell’s mission is to create technologies that drive human progress; Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport. Tom Yu Consulting’s mission, is to make that happen, together. By focusing on what’s most important to you and your customers, we can access, build and catalyze your goals innovatively and beautifully.


We truly believe no idea is stupid. You may be a fortune 500 company or you can be a self-employed entrepreneur with the next big idea. Nonetheless, what makes you different is your idea – and that’s exactly what makes us different. We believe in your idea, and instead of working to change it, we work with you to deliver the best version of your idea, innovatively and beautifully.

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let us work together for your big idea.

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This is where Tom Yu Consulting posts our ideas about consulting, innovation and methods. We believe sharing is caring, and by pushing out best practices and knowledge, we are attracting the same. Feel free to share what you like and know that we will deliver and innovate together.

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