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Established in 2014, Tom Yu Consulting differentiates its services via utilizations of both qualitative and quantitative research methods to better understand the ecosystem and represent our recommendations every single step of the way, visually, to satisfy not only the stakeholders, but also end customers as well. Through the ABC philosophy – Assess, Bridge & Catalyze – Tom Yu Consulting incorporates both traditional consulting best practices and design thinking, and work together with our customers to create the most influential impact possible. We focus not only on the end recommendations, but our journey there, together.


Organizations often overlook the core cause of their issues by simply attending to surface symptoms. Tom Yu Consulting develops organization-specific models to precisely assess your entire organizational ecosystem and effectively identify both internal and external surface symptoms and core causes.


Tom Yu Consulting focuses on fostering existing internal talents to generate innovative solutions bottom up in the organization. By utilizing internal resources, we build bridges together, not only for short- and long-term solutions, but also for internal capacity building and cultivating fundaments for sustainability.


With laser focus on the end impact, we operate to catalyze innovation within your organization, and visualize these innovations to accelerate your success. Tom Yu Consulting establishes metrics within your organization and put focus on talent potentials and measures for future growth.

Tom's ability to execute creative marketing strategies is exceptional.

Tom provided my clients with excellent, dedicated service in establishing their websites and marketing materials.

Tom has been tremendous in establishing Origin Health Center in Oakland, CA.

His work ethic and commitment made him a great asset to my program at the International Rescue Committee (IRC)!

Tom was able to provide excellent marketing strategy and business development consulting with great post-services!

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Everyone has ideas, but few takes that to the next step and realize such ideas into true innovation. In fact, only a few organizations create a working environment that fosters and empowers innovations, and even fewer set appropriate metrics to measure potentials and impact. With Tom Yu Consulting, we work together with our clients through the entire process, including marketing and new product development strategy, branding and graphic design, technology integration, and innovative breakthrough. We focus on being the catalyst for your innovation, and together, create impact that is both innovative and visually stunning.





Visually Creative

Aesthetics aren’t just superficial – it is what attracts and relates with people. By creating visually stunning work, Tom Yu Consulting works to ensure you are always under the right spotlight.

Digitally Infused

With technology, Tom Yu Consulting works with you via the most convenient and effective ways, either in person or via telecommunications.We are only a call, email, or message away from action.

Globally Minded

Tom Yu Consulting has worked with clients from all walks of life globally. We work with pride in our experiences working in cross-cultural environments and from start-ups to enterprises.

Happily Innovative

Our goal is to catalyze innovation, and doing it happily with joy. By cultivating an empowering working environment we can innovate and create sustainable impact together, as a team.

 our mission


Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible; Dell’s mission to become the best IT company by delivering the best customer experience; Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport. Tom Yu Consulting’s mission, is to take you there, together. By focusing on what’s most important to you, our goal is to access, bridge, and catalyze your goals innovatively and beautifully.


We truly believe no idea is stupid. You may be a fortune 500 company or you can be a self-employed entrepreneur with the next big idea. Nonetheless, what makes you different is your idea – and that’s exactly what makes us different. We believe in your idea, and instead of working to change it, we work with you to deliver the best version of your idea, innovatively and beautifully.

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Tom Yu received a dual degree in MS in Global Management and MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, the #1 international business school. With a background in technology and customer service, Tom incorporates his studies in interpersonal and human-technology communications into his marketing and consulting expertise. His marketing focus are global branding strategy and campaign (along with product development and management), social media presence, and digital marketing (SEO). With consulting, Tom is experienced in his communications with the clients and focuses on developing organizational-specific models for capacity building, sustainability, and talent potential.

Tom emphasizes on both cultural and professional business developments in the APEC area, with client experience in India, Vietnam, Taiwan, and US, and basic Japanese proficiency in addition to his fluent Mandarin Chinese. Secondarily, he is also familiar with LATAM with experiences from Brazil, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Dominican Republic.

In addition to business acumen, Tom’s skills in technology and graphic design are also instrumental to Tom Yu Consulting. He is experienced in graphic design, from logos and print collaterals, to website development and design. To provide cohesive end-to-end solutions, he executes technology implementations and SEO analytics, including both Google Analytics and Adobe Marketing Cloud (Omniture).


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This is where Tom Yu Consulting posts our ideas about consulting, innovation, and methods. We believe sharing is caring, and by pushing out best practices and knowledge, we are attracting the same. Feel free to share what you like, and know that we will deliver and innovate together.

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